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Message from the Chairman of BIIMC


Brightstar Int'l Investment & Marketing group., was specifically organized to be socially responsive of the growing investments and marketing developmental requirements of society today as brought about by the economic advancement our kingdom has gained in recent years. It seeks to address the government's call for the extensive participation of private groups by providing professional services and improvement of standards especially in the field of investment and marketing.

This investment and marketing activity is headed by a dynamic and experience group of entrepreneurs who have made their mark in their respective endeavors. They are acknowledged pioneers and innovators united in the belief that there is always a better way and that all things can always be improved. This core group of multi-skilled professionals has the ability to provide a wide range of integrated services with speed, flexibility and innovation.

My hope is that through our investment and marketing engagement, Brightstar Int'l Investment & Marketing Ltd Co., uniquely has a personal approach and a brand of investing and marketing management, supervision and project implementation will not only result in viable business ventures and or undertaking for our investors but also inspire the marketing industry to pursue constant innovation, entrepreneurial excellence and professionalism.

Brightstar Int'l Investment & Marketing Corp. welcomes the opportunity to invite, both domestic and international investors, to join us in funding a wide range of industrial sectors in all stages of development.


Chairman, BIIMC



To Provide our Costumers with single manufacturing source for  Quality products at competitive prices

  • To Provide our Suppliers with a constant reliable stream of demand for their products.

To Provide our Shareholders & Investors with a Good return of their investment.

To Provide our staff and & Employees with responsible & ethical leadership to create a friendly and motivating working environment.


What We Can Do For You

If you will put your trust in us, Brightstar Int'l Investment & Marketing Ltd Co. , provides business consulting services worldwide. It is active in all fields of investments & marketing where stockholders & staff are employed for your benefit .

Like all leading companies, strives to secure its reputation through a high level of performance and the development of individual ideas.

The signature of quality and the standard of excellence of the Brightstar Int'l Investment & Marketing Ltd Co.'s business planning engagement are founded on fundamental beliefs and principles we sincerely adhere to as professional businessmen .